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Powerful New Prayer Book for Friends and Family of Cancer Survivors Just Released

Breaking the Chains of Cancer is a Prayer Book for Those Who Have Loved Ones Battling Cancer

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado -- September 14, 2015 -- Breaking the Chains of Cancer: A Prayer Book for those Who Have Loved Ones Battling Cancer was born out of Stephanie Curry's journey alongside her identical twin sister who was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer in April 2013 at the age of 29.

Stephanie searched for prayer books to help her verbalize the words and emotions she was experiencing during that time. For one, she found most cancer prayer books are written for survivors. Yet, even those seemed to fall short of addressing the entire spiritual journey we as Christians might be walking through when our loved one becomes so ill. Many times, those who have loved ones battling cancer experience depression, a crisis of faith, feelings of hopelessness, anger and fear. We have questions. Why isn't God healing our loved one? Why can't He move faster? Are my prayers even being heard?

Stephanie's sister passed on May 1, 2014 before her 30th birthday. Her cancer was not only an extremely rare cancer, but almost never seen in such a young person. Stephanie definitely had a crisis of faith after her twin passed. She recognize that there must be others who have asked: What if I don't even want to believe in God anymore because He didn't heal my loved one? How do I cope? Now that Stephanie is on the other side of that journey, she is giving others words of encouragement, that they will not be in this storm forever. This prayer book addresses these issues of walking through the valley of the shadow of death and gives relatives of those with cancer permission to feel all these emotions and the spiritual tools (namely, God's Word) to work through them. This book aids the reader in becoming hopeful again, peaceful, and helps them find the strength to stand upon the promises of God.

About the Author:
Stephanie Curry is Jackie's identical twin sister. She is married to Scott Curry and has twin boys who just turned two. Stephanie graduated from CUNY School of Law in New York City, NY. She currently resides in Colorado Springs, CO.

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