Stephanie Curry

Stephanie Curry

Stephanie Curry wrote "Breaking the Chains of Cancer: A Prayer Book For Those Who Have Loved Ones With Cancer" after her identical twin sister, Jackie, passed from gall-bladder cancer before her 30th birthday.

Jackie and Stephanie were both born in Compton, to a drug-addicted mother who abandoned them at birth by sneaking out the hospital window. By God's grace, the girls were adopted together by a loving, Christian family. Throughout their lives Jackie and Stephanie remained very close.

After losing her twin, Stephanie struggled with feelings of hopelessness and depression. Yet, God makes all things beautiful, and out of the ashes of grief and depression comes a prayer book intended to remind the reader of God's promises to break every chain binding us in our lives, including cancer.

Stephanie Curry graduated from CUNY School of Law in New York City. Stephanie, her husband Scott, and their twin boys live in Colorado Springs, Colorado and are members of Solid Rock Christian Center.

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